Emergency Tree Service
You can't plan the weather and we know that. If your tree has fallen due to a storm, accident or just because, we will be there right away to clean it up. If your tree is crossing any kind of electrical line, do not go near it, just call Detroit Edison right away - 586-744-4444. Then call us and we will take it from there.

Large Trees
No tree is too big! We have four 50 foot loaders to get our men up in your tree. We know how to maneuver and position ourselves to get your tree down quickly without damaging your home, or your yard. We will remove all the wood and can grind your stump as well. When we are done there will be nothing more to do, no worries on clean up. We pride ourselves on a job well done!

Tree Trimming
Timing is everything when it comes to trimming a tree. Once the leaves are gone is the perfect time. Even in the dead of winter, if we can get to your tree we can trim it. Let us know which trees you need trimmed and we will wait for the perfect time and get it done.

Stump Removal
No problem!

Free Estimates
It's important to know what kind of tree you want removed and where it is located before giving you a price. Every yard and situation is different. We will come out to your home or business and assess your needs before leaving an estimate for you. If you cannot be home for the estimate do not worry. We can work together to mark trees and figure out your realistic cost without guessing.

Municipality Service
The Grosse Pointes and the City of St. Clair Shores call upon MDL Tree Service all year long. We handle the big trees and the small. From clearing land for redevelopment to trimming trees and handling storm damage, we work with and for the municipalities.

Commercial Services
Your business is just like your home and you want to keep your curb appeal looking the best it can. MDL Tree Service is equipped to handle big jobs. From cemeteries, to parking lots, we do quality work at a reasonable rate.

Landscape Companies
MDL Tree Service is recommended by your top local landscape companies. We work with and for them to clear land for redevelopment, for residential tree and bush removal, and tree trimming. They depend on us and have been working with us for many years.

Bad Weather
Working in the rain is just plain stupid and we don't do it. Not only does it put our workers in danger but if the ground is wet it will get muddy which makes for a big mess. If we are scheduled to work in your yard and the weather turns bad, we will have to reschedule. Please be patient, we cannot control the weather. 

Our loaders are available during down times at an hourly rate to assist your business.
Ask us about firewood!

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